Monday, July 13, 2015

Do the I Love Cincinnati (Selfie) Shout!

When  you meet Greg Cameraman Reese, it only takes a few minutes to figure out who he is and what he wants. He’s the “I Love Cincinnati” guy and he wants to capture you on video. He wanders Downtown Cincinnati streets with his video camera at the ready, and when he asks people to shout “I Love Cincinnati,” they usually do.

It’s AllStar Week in Cincinnati and Greg wants to capture 4,192 people doing the “I Love Cincinnati” shout. He wants to share them on and his facebook page, Do the Cincinnati Shout. It’s a really cool goal, and he’d love your help.

Do a Selfie Vid Shout or a Selfie Photo Shout

If you run into the Cameraman, give him a Cincinnati Shout. If you don’t, you can still shout out your love for the Queen City when and where you please. Just do a Selfie Video, either all by yourself or with your buddies. Shout “I Love Cincinnati” and then share it on the Do The Cincinnati Shout Facebook Page.

And if you don’t do video clips?


  • Make it a Selfie Photo Shout
  • Snap a Selfie
  • Use an editing app to add words to your photo or...
  • Make an “I  Love Cincinnati” sign and hold it while you shoot your Selfie Photo Shout
  • Post your photo to the Do the I Love Cincinnati Shout Page

WCPO.Com and on Channel 5 News have shared the Cameraman’s simple goal. King Arthur, a New Jersey talk jock, interviewed him on his show as well. In just a few days, The Cameraman has captured Color Run crowds and a Chi-Town group doing the shout. A DeeJay finessed a crowd on Fountain Square into a Cincinnati Shout while jamming their little hearts out.

Greg’s even captured Cincinnati’s head honcho, John Cranley, doing a low key Mayorial shout. (Check him out on the Do the Cincinnati Shout Facebook page) With All Star Game crowds all over Downtown Cincinnati, the Cameraman has a lot of ready-made photo ops. He’s steadily inching toward his goal.