Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Gloom, Despair, & Agony... Ohhh

So #thatguy won last night

I didn't watch the election returns. Instead, I watched comedy reruns on Me and Laff TV. In fact, I didn't know he#thatguy had won until I received a "Why Neo-Nazis love Trump" email on my phone early this morning. Then I knew for sure, as it was talking about him and his racist friends in the present tense. Like it's still a relevant thing.

He's not our president...not yet, so I feel perfectly okay not giving him his winner's respect at this time. Once he takes the oath of office, I will try to hold my tongue. (Although that mode of behavior is not likely to stick.) 

As for now, I believe I'll break out in song. 

Yes, I'm feeling the gloom and despair. I'm feeling the heartache and agony that an atomic-bomb loving bully will be running our country for the next four years. Let's hope it's not longer than that. But, unlike many people have done over the past eight Obama years, 

  • I will not call #thatguy nasty names. 
  • I will not tell lies about the things he does or does not do. 
  • I won't post fake photos on Facebook. 
  • I will not say he's selfish or childish or call him a bully... although plenty of us know he is. 

I don't have to do any of these things because his actions prove all of the above. 
Still, I will give #thatguy the respect his office is due. 

Okay, maybe not, because I still believe that we are stronger together. I also believe #thatguy and the way he spreads hate and divisiveness are unAmerican. 

That sort of behavior deserves no respect at all.

Written by Carol, the Nice Lady

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let this fun and crazy video motivate you to vote

I'm all hyped up about this election. 

I cast my vote a few weeks ago because I could and because I was too excited to wait. I really don't understand people--especially my people--who bypass the voting privilege altogether. (You know the whole disenfranchised folks fighting and dying for the right to vote thing.) That's real and it fires me up every time. 

My hype-ness scaled to straight-on overdrive when I viewed this not so traditional get-out-the-vote video. It's funny and fun. The ensemble of quirky TV personalities showcases Rachael Bloom, the "My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" actress who regularly breaks into song for no apparent reason. If a little crazy is what it takes to get you to the polls, push play, please and then share it with a voter you love.  

This video gets to the point with "We Are the World" reminiscent style. That is if "We Are The World" were infused with a dose of fun and a spoonful of profanity. 

Naughty Word Warning! 

If you don't like mixing and mingling your politics, fun, and naughty words--and/or you're one of those people who get angry over humorous digs directed at He-whose-name-cannot-be-said, this video might offend you. So Don't watch it!

I don't use profanity myself, but I understand that sometimes you need a good 4-letter word to get people's attention. Besides, the naughtiness is what transforms this video from a traditional voting rant into a few minutes of political fun. 

This video is subtly Pro-Hillary and anti #thatguy but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Written by The Nice Lady,
who is pro-Hillary and doesn't care who knows it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Will Cincinnati help deliver the first Madame President?

HIllary Rally Photos courtesy of Gregory Reese VIP Photography

Just in case you didn't hear the news, Hillary was in town yesterday. The crowd cheered and shouted. The enthusiasm was contagious; and yes, I was shouting along with everybody else. 

This is my blog. It's about my Cincinnati, so I won't pretend to be unbiased, fair and balanced, or impartial. I am not a Trump fan. I don't like Trump and I don't care who knows it!

As a child born and raised in the 60s and a woman, wife, and mother who dealt with the sexist norms of the 70s, I can't even handle hearing that man's voice. I'm looking forward to Hillary breaking that high glass ceiling and putting #thatguy. 

I love my city. We are Ohio. What we do is crucial to the overall outcome. I sincerely hope Cincinnati voters are up to the challenge of delivering our first "Madam President" to the White House door.

Feeling the love on the banks of the Ohio

Hillary Clinton's October 31st rally at Smale Park was a multicultural lovefest by "..this grand river..." (I forgive her generic reference to our beautiful Ohio River. I know she's been crisscrossing the USA a lot lately.) That minor faux pas and the non-Kentucky "...over-the-river..." reference didn't stop the rally from being a warm and fuzzy gathering of like-minded, non-angry voters. Soooo different from those Trump/Pence anger fests so often highlighted in the news. 

Alicia Reece, Denise Driehaus, Aftab Pureval, Ted Strickland, and other local Democratic candidates fit perfectly into the evening's multicultural theme. This beats the Angry folks doing  Trump rally duty.

Gabby tugged at the heart

If the signs and music didn't make rally-goers feel the love and excitement, Arizona Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords surely did. After a 2011 gunshot wound to the head, she made a phenomenal recovery. Residual walking and speaking difficulties are a constant reminder of that tragic event. 

Gabby's unfortunate experience turned her into a dedicated advocate for gun reform. She and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, travel the country in the "Vocal Majority" bus speaking out against gun violence. Gabby explained how she's looking forward to saying, "Madam President" next January.

Loved the signs

Political rally rules required that attendees leave their quirky signs at home. Some folks broke that rule, but it gave the event a humor boost and illustrated the diversity of the crowd. As you would expect, there were a bunch of Stronger Together signs passed out by the staff. Then there were trendy offerings like Nasty Women Vote and "love trumps hate." 

And, yes, I saw a few African Americans for Hillary signs, but I must point out the big difference between these signs and the #blacksfortrump signs photographed at Trump rallies. The A-A signs at the Cincinnati rally were actually hoisted and waved by African Americans. Imagine that!

Photos courtesy of Greg Reese, VIP
Written by Carol, The Nice Lady who reminds you to vote
...unless you plan to vote for #thatguy.