Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let this fun and crazy video motivate you to vote

I'm all hyped up about this election. 

I cast my vote a few weeks ago because I could and because I was too excited to wait. I really don't understand people--especially my people--who bypass the voting privilege altogether. (You know the whole disenfranchised folks fighting and dying for the right to vote thing.) That's real and it fires me up every time. 

My hype-ness scaled to straight-on overdrive when I viewed this not so traditional get-out-the-vote video. It's funny and fun. The ensemble of quirky TV personalities showcases Rachael Bloom, the "My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" actress who regularly breaks into song for no apparent reason. If a little crazy is what it takes to get you to the polls, push play, please and then share it with a voter you love.  

This video gets to the point with "We Are the World" reminiscent style. That is if "We Are The World" were infused with a dose of fun and a spoonful of profanity. 

Naughty Word Warning! 

If you don't like mixing and mingling your politics, fun, and naughty words--and/or you're one of those people who get angry over humorous digs directed at He-whose-name-cannot-be-said, this video might offend you. So Don't watch it!

I don't use profanity myself, but I understand that sometimes you need a good 4-letter word to get people's attention. Besides, the naughtiness is what transforms this video from a traditional voting rant into a few minutes of political fun. 

This video is subtly Pro-Hillary and anti #thatguy but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Written by The Nice Lady,
who is pro-Hillary and doesn't care who knows it!

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