Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dance, Cincinnati Reds Fans, Dance!

Dance fans, dance!

I believe in the power of positive dancing. It's kind of like the power of positive thinking but mostly with your body instead of your brain. 

I believe that if die-hard Cincinnati Reds fans dance, if they feel the win from the tops of their heads to the bottoms of their red-shoed toes, they'll dance the spirit of winning deep down into their hearts, and the Reds will take it all the way in 2014. 

I know this sounds like some sort of a new age baseball fairy tale, but what else have you got? 

The power of #Redsfandancing

I'm sharing the two dancing guys in red to invoke the spirit of winning. They did their thing for the crowd when Cincinnati celebrated the 2010 Division Championship. If you were there, you no doubt remember these two. I know that celebration was a few years ago, but wasn't it magical? 

I honestly believe if we all generate that same kind of winning energy from day one of the season, the Cincinnati Reds will make it to the top in September. 

I'll be Dancing Too!

You wouldn't want to see me dance, so I'll keep my moves at home where nobody can see; but believe me, I'll be dancing on Opening Day. 

I usually make it downtown to the Reds Opening Day Celebration. It's a not-to-be-missed local holiday. I tote a camera or two, snap hundreds of photos and shoot hours of video. Sometimes I post them or share them with friends and family, but mostly they just sit in my camera until I upload them to the cloud and forget I ever took them. 
The Cincinnati Hat Man
  2010 Reds Rally
Fountain Square

I'm not doing that this year. Instead of being crushed by the home crowd, I think I'll just stay at home and get in the right mood by watching the two Reds fans dance. 

I'll dance along, of course, and I'll call up that Reds power of positive thinking I get whenever I watch their winning energy. 
Wherever you are on Opening Day, take a moment to dance for the Reds. I bet if we all dance for the win, the Reds will start the season off big and keep moving on up from there. After all, baseball is a fairy tale, and winning is magical. 

Go Reds!!   

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