Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finding "Short Vine"

Finally, a big, bold, trendy, new, highly visible Short Vine sign

If you live in Cincinnati, you probably know how to get to Short Vine. But imagine coming to Corryville or Clifton as a new UC student or an out-of-town visitor. You crave some entertainment or at least a better selection of food than what's available on campus. You ask a friendly stranger for guidance. "You'll find what you want on Short Vine," the stranger says. So...
  • You wander up Vine St and down Jefferson. 
  • You get lost on Martin Luther King Dr. 
  • You get turned around in the hospital district. 
  • You gawk at the beautiful Frank Gehry architecture as you pass.
  • You U-turn into UC's campus and get called out by a campus cop for trespassing or parking illegally. 
  • You search long and hard. 
  • You search north and south, east and west, and yet you never find "Short Vine." 

Until now

While I won't get you all confused with explanations about how there came to be both a "Vine" and a "Short Vine," I can tell you this. After all these confusing years (I remember "Short Vine" from the early 70s when I was at UC) somebody finally had the common sense to put up som great big signs.

Thank You!


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